Enterprise Social Network

Communication media platform specially designed by prioritizing secure internal communication to increase employee effectiveness and efficiency in working across locations and departments.

Data Analytics Tools

Applications used as data analysts to develop and perform analytical processes that help companies make better business decisions based on more valid and integrated data information.

Knowledge Management System

Digital Library & Lesson Learned

The function is to manage and distribute digital library collections in the form of documents, videos, and audio. Lessons Learned can help avoid repeating the same mistakes to build on the success of every element of your project.

Facility Issue Tracking

This feature can make it easier for employees to record and observe every progress of the resolution of problems (issues) that exist in your company, whether office problems, factories, or company environmental problems.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has no intermediaries, is directly distributed, stored data is also not lost, cannot be deleted, is validated, and is secure. Especially with the use of Smart Contracts which further guarantees the feasibility of blockchain to be implemented in company systems.


E-wallet or electronic wallet is a form of financial technology that is an alternative payment method using the internet. e-wallet is useful for storing money used for online and offline transactions using a QR code.

Budget Monitoring

Enterprises use Budget Monitoring software to track, record, and report on budgets. In a few clicks, Budget Monitoring software can help you create powerful income statements, cash flow statements, and more.

Sentiment Analysis Tools

The purpose of sentiment analysis is to find out the opinion of the user or audience about the target object by analyzing a large number of texts from various sources. You can analyze text at different levels of detail.

Messanger App

Private message and group chat facilities that make it easy for users to communicate by sending text messages, photos, and files with a high level of security.

Rating Tool

The Assessment System in the learning process is a series of activities to obtain, analyze, and interpret data about the process and learning outcomes of participants which is carried out systematically and continuously, so that it becomes meaningful information in decision making.

Marketplace Platform

Marketplace is an intermediary platform in charge of connecting buyers and sellers. Every seller or company can create their own online shop as a form of platform used to sell their products directly to buyers.

Learning Management System

Applications designed to create, distribute and manage the delivery of learning content. This system can help corporations to plan and create a syllabus, manage learning materials, manage employee learning activities, manage grades, recapitulate employee absenteeism, display grades, and manage e-learning displays that are easier and more measurable.

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