Nuchain Network (Technology Partner)

Nuchain is designed as a robust distributed application development platform. Nuchain was created to welcome Indonesia Society 5.0 and Web 3.0 through a distributed and secure system called a blockchain.

The blockchain system is secured using cryptography at its most basic layer, providing high-security guarantees. Nuchain is not designed to be a cryptocurrency, but as a distributed application platform (DApps) which will later become a new ecosystem in the era of digital technology that requires openness, clarity, legitimacy, and good governance.

Nuchain supports an on-chain governance system, which is a voting mechanism for strategic decision-making written and executed directly within the blockchain network.

Nuchain is developed open source and the code is publicly accessible on Github. Utilizing a network in Nuchain to create application is possible in two means. First, by using a smart contract. Nuchain network can build DApps. Examples of code for DApps can be found at on-chain apps.

Second, by creating a module at runtime. This way is applicable especially for special cases that can not utilize smart contract. However, you should pay attention that any change made in runtime should meet special criteria and requirements. The changes that have been made are global, therefore, you need to upgrade the system.

Ansvia became one of the contributors in the development of the Nuchain Network with Universitas Amikom Yogyakarta, PT Delameta Bilano, Prambanan Jazz, Politeknik Akbara Surakarta, PT Satata Neka Tama, dan PT Solusi Media Semesta. For this contribution, Ansvia is one of Nuchain Network’s technology partners.