Mindtalk.com - Interest Meet-up Space

Mindtalk is an interest-based social network. Mindtalk provides space to accommodate the interests of its users in the form of Channels. In terms of interface, Mindtalk adopts a real-time stream system that allows users to post quickly.

Mindtalk is here to accommodate a shared sharing space that allows users to share what they are thinking easily and quickly. Users can gather in one room with common interests and share various ideas in the form of photos, videos, and articles.

On the home page, users can see various content updates according to the channels they have followed. The Mindtalk display is divided into three pages, namely the Home, Channel, and Popular pages. In addition to displaying content updates, the Home page also displays several recommended Channels with the highest number of members. On the Channel page, the display contains various Interest Categories that help users to join and discuss with other users. From this Interest Category, users can determine the appropriate sub-interest. In addition, users can create categories according to the needs they want. Meanwhile, the Popular page will display all articles from various channels that have been followed.

As a dynamic forum, Mindtalk helps people with the same passions and interests to discuss, connect, and survive in the digital world.