Detax - Early Detection of Hoax Content

Detax stands for “Hoax Detection”. A hoax detection program that is claimed to be able to accommodate everyone’s role and is very easy to use. This is quite reasonable because Detax can integrate with various social media applications and popular web browsers. Both users and hoax reporters (contributors) can play a direct role through various platforms, such as iOS, Android, as well as their web browser.

Detax uses an algorithm similar to the antivirus algorithm, which is signature-based and heuristic-based. The signature algorithm detects content based on the data in the database. The heuristic algorithm allows Detax to recognize new content that is not yet in the signature database.

Content classification is based on the definition of hoax and AI algorithm heuristics. Hoax is defined as a virus or malware in the antivirus world. When Detax performs scanning, the definition of hoax can be updated regularly every time a new issue is found, so Detax can be more accurate in detecting hoaxes.

The presence of Detax brings ease of access, besides being able to be used by installing applications through the Play Store or Apple Store, Detax can also be accessed via a web browser. Users can scan content on various media with just a right-click then click the “Scan with Detax” menu.