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    Ansvia is an IT company based in Indonesia

    We focused on consultancy, custom software engineering, implementation & technical support 

    Enterprise Social Network

    Knowledge Management System

    Blockchain Technology

    Software Development

    Enterprise Solutions

    We Are Offering All Kinds of IT Solutions Services


    Communication media platform specially designed by prioritizing internal communication security to increase employee effectiveness and efficiency in working across locations and departments.


    Application as an analytical process to help companies make business decisions based on integrated and more valid data information.


    Manage and distribute digital library collections in the form of documents, videos, and audio. Help build the success of every element of your project.


    Applications designed to create, distribute and manage the delivery of learning content. It is easier for companies to manage measurable learning for employees.


    Blockchain has no intermediaries. Stored data cannot be deleted and lost so it is valid and safe. Smart contracts guarantee the feasibility of implementing blockchain for enterprise systems.


    Online platform to connect buyers and sellers to process transactions. Each seller can create their own online store to sell products to buyers.


    It’s not a faith Technology. It’s faith in People



    Identify each customer requirement documentation properly.



    Monitor and control all work projects from creation, development, to risk management.



    Plan scope development, quality improvement, schedule, and cost management. A plan to achieve the goals expected by all external stakeholders.



    Maintain communication from document lessons learned, releasing project teams, and closing projects.


    Expert IT Consultants

    Cahyanto Kurniawan

    Operation Manager

    Arifyansah Fuad

    Creative Manager

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